It is a pleasure to announce that Bonsai Lab. will be exhibiting at the Champalimaud Research Symposium 2022 (CRSy22), which will take place from October 19 to 21, in Lisbon, and where we will have the opportunity to present our cutting-edge genomics technology.

The CRSy22 will bring together 18 expert speakers from around the world who have contributed greatly to our understanding of the tumor microenvironment, and who will present, throughout the 3 days, the latest advances in their research, focusing on three areas:

  • Tumour microenvironment in cancer initiation
  • Tumour microenvironment dynamics during cancer progression and response to therapy
  • Tumour microenvironment matabolysm and metastasis.

Cancer initiation and progression are orchestrated through local and systemic interactions between tumour and tumour-associated cells. A more detailed characterisation of these interactions has so far contributed to a new generation of antitumour strategies and to improved cancer prognosis. However, although we have gained increasing knowledge about the cellular and molecular constituents of tumour-promoting and tumour-suppressing microenvironments, an accurate map delineating the role of each of these constituents remains unavailable.

Bonsai Lab, in collaboration with 10x Genomics, will present solutions such as 10x Genomics Chromium and Visium Spatial, for single cell and spatial gene expression analysis, for in-depth analysis of tumors and the associated microenvironment.

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